The Glut seeks all forms of prose, with a slight bias toward things related to food or gluttony — eating, overeating, cooking, overcooking, digesting, indigesting, and so forth. Irreverence is key. Also, please do not be fooled by our apparent meat-centrism. We like vegetables, too. Except peas. We hate peas.

Submissions well under 1,000 words are most welcome here. Poems are occasionally welcome here, too. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Multiple submissions are not. Response time is anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Please be reasonably patient. Feel free to e-mail about the status of submissions if more than two weeks have passed.

Submit writing in the message field of your e-mail only. NO ATTACHMENTS. Italics and other formatted text may be bound in asterisks, like *this*. If you so choose to risk sending an attached submission, it will likely sit unread in the editor's inbox until you ask him many weeks later if he's read it, at which point he may respond, "Probably not," and you will get unduly mad and threaten to ruin the generally pleasant and somewhat fulfilling life that he thus far leads.

Let's try to avoid all that.

NOTE: The Glut regrets that it no longer publishes the print mini-zine Sexy Stranger. It was fun while it lasted.