Glue-Stick Jenny


When Jenny was a little girl she would sneak away from the other children [who played with dolls (and didn't like Jenny)] and crawl beneath the desk in her room so she could eat glue from a big round jar.

When Jenny grew up she worked in an office [which had Hawaiian shirt days (but Jenny didn't like them)] so she would crawl beneath her [gray (metal)] desk and suck on glue-sticks, because a big jar of glue was immature [and inappropriate (and she was an adult now)].

But one day as Jenny was sucking she dropped her glue-stick [oh my (oh no)]. sIt rolled away into another cubicle.

As she crawled out to find it and she bumped right into Henry [from accounting (two cubes down)] who had been chasing after a similar run-away sucking-glue-stick. Together, they agreed that Hawaiian shirts [pink (with red flowers)] were stupid.

Bonnie Ruberg studies creative writing at Bard College where she suffers from synaesthesia and forms sentences by pairing complimentary-colored letters. Her work has appeared or is slated for appearance in such publications as, Stay Free! Magazine and Word Riot, as well as numerous Philadelphia area newspapers. She is also the founder and co-editor-in-chief of a new literary magazine titled Verse Noire.