Almost a Vegetarian


He doesn't eat chicken
Or beef, but he's a big egg guy.
I say to myself, "But egg's a meat, baby."
The popcorn taste like Styrofoam.
I ask him for the time, so I can look into his eyes.
A redheaded girl sits in his lap eating pizza.
I'm pissed & jealous.

I like his brown shirt.
I wanna gnaw on his calves,
Lick his shavened head, even.
He hates the word "bitch"
But quotes it from famous lines from famous movies.
He won't eat dairy.
"Your almost a vegetarian,"
says the girl with the small apartment in Brooklyn.
He loves turkey.
He eats fish.
Think I'm gonna ask him out for lunch.
See if he'll join me for a turkey sandwich and an Evian water.