I opened the potato chips
and out came Brazil nuts.
The Brazil nuts were bland
so out came an orange.
The orange was rotten
so out came Cheerios.
The Cheerios were stale as hell
so out came a snack cake.
The snack cake was dry
so out came corn bread.
The corn bread was under cooked
so out came pork and beans.
The pork and beans had worms
so out came spaghetti.
The spaghetti stuck together
so out came rice.
The rice tasted burnt
so out came hot chocolate.
The hot chocolate was gritty
so out came sugar.
What I thought was sugar,
was actually flour.
Spit out the flour
and it turned into candy bars.
Got cavities from the candy bars
so out came raisins.
Diarrhea from the raisins
so out came oatmeal.
Never liked oatmeal
so out came scallop potatoes.
Scallop potatoes stuck to the pot
so out came muffins.
Muffins were harder than baseballs
so out came fruit punch.
Fruit punch was actually kerosene
so out came prunes.
Prunes turned out to be cock roaches
so out came liver cheese.
Liver cheese turned green
so out came onions.
The onions made me cry
so out came sweet potatoes.
Made sweet potato pie
and out came hot sauce.
Got hot sauce in my eye,
so now I'm blind.